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(words & music by Eric Ellis copyright 2011)
December on Oak Island when the sun sets in the east
Defies the laws of nature on the dunes of Longbeach
The sound of the pounding surf the brown sugar sand
Another trip around the sun is coming to an end
It seemed there would always be that town sitting by the sea
Well the years washes away those times
Like scattered ashes by the tides
Thoughts of bouncing on my Grandma's knee
(in our Beachfront cottage called the high seas)
The storms came and took those homes
Changed the shoreline row by row
But they'll never wash away those memories
You can see your watch roll backwards as you approach that county line And you can hear the old clock tower as those bells begin to chime
There's a flashing amber signal at each end of town
A couple stop signs in the middle to slow the tourists down
Park thats just off main street - one where we used to meet
Now the tides may ebb and the tides may flow
But the surge can't purge community
Till the end of time, the sun will shine
And we'll stand where the sand meets the sea

(words & music by Eric Ellis copyright 2010)
I joined a gym last weekend I did it for my health
I'll eat right and exercise I'll take care of myself
They have a real nice juice bar they even sell cold beer
The more I think about this thing I think I'll like it here
Those free weights look so heavy  could hurt yourself with that The clean & jerk's just too much work
I don't need to work my lats
Dont have the motivation to get out on that floor
I'll sit right here & drink this beer and maybe have one more
This juice bar is where I start my workout every day
I'd spill my drink on that treadmill thing This bar stool's where I'll stay 12 ounce curls watching girls know spandex is great- Fitness Protection Programs raising my heartrate
I had pecs & lats and all that crap I even had nice buns
My 6 pack abs had no flab you should have seen these guns
I quit the gym last weekend I did it for my health
They served me too much Bud Light lime had to save myself
Slipped discs in my back pulled muscles in my front
Wont miss that personal trainer that skinny little runt

(words & music by Eric Ellis copyright 2010)
Saw that little face in my dreams appeared like an angel to me
Like I had a time machine there she was
Now that she is my child She's only known me for a while
But I've known her little smile all along
You gotta believe that you're given clues
To what the future holds for you
Maybe your dreams are just a preview all along
How you gonna know if he died he's gonna tell you goodbye Gonna make you look to the sky See the stars
Didn't get a text or a call Didn't put your ear to the wall
Didn't hear nothing at all Still you knew
Now I'm sinking on this boat here on Carysfort reef
Just the way I saw it in my dream last week

(words & music by Eric Ellis copyright 2010)
Southbound highway 93 Destin was our destiny
I need to end this before it goes too far
If only she didn't look so good sittin cross legged on the hood
Her cutoffs rubbing up against my car
No butts about it hers is great if only we could just relate
I guess I ot to the bottom of that what now?
What a treat when she's headed east she looks best viewed from the west she's so fine I'm about to lose my mind
And I can't believe I'm leaving her behind
I told her we had to talk much as I love to watch her walk
Away from me I think it's for the best
I had to keep my eyes up high
Don't look down don't change your mind
her best assetts will put you to the test
You know cars honk at her badonkadonk
As she walks down the street
And I could stare at her derierre well into next week
She's just learned to turn the other cheek

(words & music by EricEllis copyright 2011)
When I was just a young boy I had to walk to school
Uphill in both directions in a snowstorm it was cruel
The freeze and the frostbite finally froze my memory
Nostalgia ain't what it used to be
Then I finally got a car man I was in heaven
Got a chevy 4 barrel fuel injected with a 427
Seemed like I gad the coolest ride in the nation
Fast enough to pass everything but a gas station
Standing here at a crossroad whether to get engaged
So far it's been so easy why would we want to change
If it ain't broke don't fix it honey it kinda makes you think
Standing at the altar why we'd want to alter anything
Just another piece of paper more and more demands
Unmet expectations threats and reprimands
For richer and poorer vows from the heart
We'll be together till debt do us part
People that cross the border ought to be stopped and sent
Right back to where they came from other side of the fence
Some say that immigration has plagued our history
I've had problems with these foreigners
ever since I came to this country
You know back in the old days there was never a care
Couldn't find any protesters anywhere
We kept taxes and the government out of our hair
But I love my public library don't you touch my medicare
I remember when the streets were paved with gold
Summers never ended and I'd never grow old
In the home of the brave and the land of the free
Nostalgia ain't what it used to be

(words & music by Eric Ellis copyright  2010)
The older I get the better I was
I benefit from selective memory
Don't always understand the way things are today
And long for the way they used to be
But now is a present nd it all seems right
In the clarity of hindsight
Now I've learned so much about the many things I've seen
Objects in my rearview mirror are closer than they seem
Choices that I made in life too tough to comprehend
Here in the year twenty twelve hindsight's twenty ten
I had all the answers then or maybe I preferred
Not even knowing what the questions were
Looking back I realize just what you meant to me
It seems nostalgia ain't what it used to be
My memories are fading like these faded phototgraphs
And bumperstickers telling me to live love and laugh
Now I can't believe my eyes and all the places that I've seen
How what we see depends on where we're standing

(words & music by Eric Ellis copyright 2009)
There's a cab in the driveway all your bags by the door
There's a whole lot of screaming and yelling
But the words and the letters say much more
There's a "me" in lonesome there's an "if" in life
I see "Y" in lying and crying
And why you rated "X" for ex-wife
When it comes to havoc nobody wreals like us
We're gonna fight and fuss untill the day we die
There's no "U" in love but there's an "FU" in future
And you can't spell guilty without "U" and "I"
Down a dark lonely highway every time I think of you
What went wrong between us what beat us
Swapping those that don't for those that do

(words & music by Eric Ellis copyright 2008)
Hog's Breath Sloppy Joe's Capt Tony's Schooner Wharf
Twelve Bar Blues
Green Parrot Turtle Crawls Willie T's Cowboy Bill's
Twelve Bar Blues
Blue Heaven Half Shell Kelly's Margaritaville
Twelve Bar Blues
Hey ya'll we're doing the Duval crawl the 12 Bar Blues
Last call for the Duval crawl we're dong the 12 Bar Blues

(words & music by Eric Ellis copyright 2010)
Bartending school was pretty damn cool
The homework wasn't hard at all
Free rounds of drinks were never too far
Well I could've been a lawyer but I couldn't pass the bar
No possibility of early release no chance of getting parole
I'm serving time pouring beer and white wine
Mixing drinks till the day I get old
A few bar room brawls after last call even a few battle scars
Caribbean cruise serving rhythm and booze
I've been sentenced to serve Life Behind Bars
Who'd ever thought that a 9 to 5 job
Really meant working all night
Convicts and drunks trying to finish a sentence
I need time off for good behavior tonight
Now I'm serving time committing no crime life behind bars
Now I'm serving time pouring white wine life behind bars
Now I'm serving time Coronas and limes life behind bars

(words & music by Eric Ellis copyright 2010)
I'd always heard don't do the crime if you cant do the time
Real bad choices I did choose then I made the evening news
They chased me cross the county line caught me cuffed me
I's confined to a prison cell became my home but wait
I guess I'm not alone
I'm hanging out with movie stars congressmen & senators
Hall of famer running backs oil company execs
Although I'm competing with this bunch
Next week I'm up for inmate of the month
Now I've been here about a year serving time for racketeering
Average Joe's and famous types all look the same in stripes
My folks would be so proud of me rubbing elbows w/celebrities
Can't believe I'm in this club as long as elbows are all we rub
I make the best license plates you've ever seen
And that's great for my self esteem Prison time's really a shame
But it ain't gonna ruin my good name
Well I can't believe that I'm in here God I'd love an ice cold beer
Been working hard until nightfall turning big rocks into small

(words & music by Eric Ellis copyright 2011)
The first day that I saw you I knew that I should
Slide across your G string maple and rosewood
I sat you on my lap that night my heart skipped a beat
Your pickup line blew my mind when you took that tone with me
We make such a great duet
Like BB and Lucille you're my best friend
I want to hold you in my arms wanna tell you not to fret
Feel the contours of your body run my fingers down your neck
When I heard your sweet voice singing that's when I knew
I'd be making beautiful music with you
You know I like to pick on you play a little rough
You give me comfort when times are tough
I pulled some strings did everything to make you my sweetheart
I promise it's forever or till debt do us part
Make sure that you don't forget
You're more irreplaceable the older you get
After all these years I've found it's really quite bizarre
You never seemed to mind my other seventeen guitars

(words & music by Eric Ellis copyright  2010)
If you like the hot Florida sun he'd like to see you freeze
If you like to walk run & jog he'll kick you in the knees
Misery loves company he can't stand to see you smile
So if you get the chance to meet him it's really not worthwhile
Cause he's a Dick Fun Removal Service employee
If you're having fun he's te one who'll fix that immediately
There's no job too big or small his service calls are free
Cause he's a Dick Fun Removal Service employee
He goes to work with other jerks removing lot's of fun
It's his job to steal and rob good times from everyone
He's dick-head of sales promoted just this year
He's the biggest waste of space in the northern hemisphere
Ill will nothing but buzzkill
He might think his shtick don't stink he's just an average Joe
He's quick to put in his two cents for him that's lot's of dough
In the middle of your party he's the one who calls the cops
He'll remove the fun that's just begun make those good times stop

(words & music by Eric Ellis copyright) 
I always knew that delta was the symbol used for change
Hurricanes and broken levies and things you can't explain
With sinking rigs and il spills going up in flames
How much more can the gulf shore sustain?
Last week I saw a blowfish man he looked like death
Turned out he  was a grouper just trying to hold his breath
Looked like I had a wetsuit on I had oil from head to toe
That's the last time I go swim in the Gulf of Texaco
Drill baby Drill baby drill Spill baby Spill baby spill
In te Mississippi delta delta stands for change
Louisiana's coastline's been rearranged
Leaking crude Lack of rules have they gone insane?
No backup plan they should be ashamed
No more beaches rare sea creatures seems so inhumane
Nothing in the Delta stays the same

(words & music by Eric Ellis copyright 2011)
Fighting for freedom in thre middle of the night
Violent opposition to basic human rights
Another revolution bewrae the ides of March time to light the torch
March 4th is the first day of the rest of your life
The day that the darkness turned to bright shining light
A new day has started you've charted a new course
Get up on your feet Get out in the street and March Forth
Tremors shook the shreline for a dozen darkened days
Sirens wailed the warnings of huge sunami waves
Entire towns were swallowed by the rising flood
Time to rise up from the mud

(words & music by Eric Ellis copyright 2009)
That day that I met her shesaid she loved setting sail
I thought that we'd get together that things couldn't fail
She gave me her number and we parted ways
But I could not forget her for the next several days
So then I called her on Thursday and the flowers were sent
I told her I liked her and I'd like to see her again
She said that she'd like that and that we could be friends
I think that's a good thing it kind of depends
To get her - together is that one word or three?
I hope it's to get her together with me
I must find out whether whether love's finally come
Is it to get her or together?  Is that three words or one?
So we went out that weekend and had a good time
We got back to my place and opened some wine
Then I tried to get her to stay for the night
But she thought together meant the rest of our lives

(words & music by Eric Ellis copyright 2008)
Soaking up the sunrise mixing up some mai-tai's
Gonna wait for high tide then we go for a boat ride
Yeah we got sunny skies burger and a french fries
Corona and a slice of lime yeah we're living on Island Time
Sneaking up on sunset winds from the Northwest
Sails trimmed the course set next stop is Key West
Yeah we got starry nights sailing in the moonlight
Everything is just fine when we're living on Island Time

(words & music by Eric Ellis copyright 2008)
I love those Tele's and those Stratocasters
Can't have too many guitars in the band
Those maple nocks just play a little faster
I'm sure the wife will fully understand
That I want more over at the guitar store
Play a little Blues play a little soul play a little old time rock n roll
Pick a new axe shouldn't have to beg or ask
Nothing she can do nothing she can say
I'm just gonna get one anyway
Dont always get the tone you need from Fenders
Perhaps it's time to buy an old Les Paul
A Moonstone or a 12 string Rckenbacker
On second thought I think I'll take 'em all
I've always dreamed of owning an old Martin
The Taylors and the Guilds are also nice
The wife thinks this is getting too expensive
The way I see it who cares about the price?

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